WordCamp Toronto 2013 - SpeakerI’m excited to be presenting at WordCamp Toronto 2013 on October 5/6.  This will be my 5th talk in Toronto and my 9th WordCamp presentation since my first in Toronto 2 years ago.

My talk will be an introduction to WordPress plugins:

A Peek into the World of WordPress Plugin Development

Curious about what’s inside a WordPress plugin? This session will give you a quick introduction to the construction of WordPress plugins. As we build a simple plugin to add a widget to your sidebars, I’ll summarize the resources needed to help you create your own plugins.

While you will definitely will need to learn PHP, HTML and CSS to create plugins on your own, no coding ability is required for this session. You will be able to create your first plugin by pasting the example code into files on your web site.

Hope to see you there!