WordCamp Ottawa 2013 - Speaker

I’m going to be speaking at WordCamp Ottawa, twice!

For the sessions on Saturday, I’ll be presenting a talk on multilingual sites in WordPress, and I’m also going to be presenting the Introduction to WordPress pre-camp session on Thursday before the main day of WordCamp:

Getting WordPress to Speak Your Language

WordPress is available in 77 languages or variants, but how do you get it to show something other than English? This session will show you how to create sites in a language other than English, and sites with multiple languages.

We will set up a WordPress site that is not English and learn what to look for in themes and plugins to be able to use them with other languages. We will review the different strategies and options for creating multilingual sites, from simple sites with custom themes, to multilingual plugins and multi-site installs, and the issues related to each approach.

Level: All

Prerequisites:  To get the most from the talk, some experience with changing settings, installing plugins, FTP/uploading files to your WordPress install, and editing configuration files would be an asset, but it is not required.

Hope to see you there.