WordCamp Montreal 2013 - SpeakerWoot! Just found out I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Montreal on June 39/30.

My talk this year will be about Multilingual WordPress again, but more at a developer level (but beginner) this year:

Tips and tricks for building multilingual sites.

In this session I will share some practical tips and tricks I have learned while setting up multilingual sites.

We will look at things like:

  • Quick tricks for installing WordPress language files on exisitng sites.
  • How to deal with a plugin that has been internationalized, but is not localized for your language. (and do it so it’s upgrade proof)
  • What to do when an internationalized plugin has no text domain.
  • Some usefull backend plugins for managing sites and language files.
  • How to create splash pages for a language choice.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of PHP, and WordPress action hooks and filters.

Hope to see you there!